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Making A Difference Together

5 March 2022
Making A Difference Together

The Programmed Social Inclusion Team, in collaboration with our vendor partner, Hypdup Constructions, made a generous donation to Ronald McDonald House Charities, Canberra, through an environmental project.

While upgrading works across Canberra, Hypdup Constructions was responsible for replacing old screen doors. Programmed Site Supervisor, Andrew Wren, came up with the idea of having all the old screen doors taken to Access Recycling Services and turning the funds received into donations.

“This not only turned the old doors into cash that could be donated but prevented further rubbish from being added to our environment. It was the perfect win-win situation that makes a big difference to families in our community,” said Andrew Wren, Programmed Site Supervisor.

When Access Recycling Services heard that the funds were being donated, they increased the amount they would usually pay, with Programmed adding in additional funds.

“This is a perfect example of working together to achieve goals and make a difference to those that need help most, not only through the donation but by recycling old material and not adding to our carbon footprint,” said Andrew Wren.

Ronald McDonald House

“Their warm and supportive home-away-from-home provides the whole family with a comfortable place to stay and peace of mind, knowing they can stay together. The Ronald McDonald House Canberra is located inside the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children. They aim to take some of the stress out of being away from home during a long and challenging journey and provide a supportive environment in the company of other families going through similar experiences. The house is run purely on donations and voluntary services,” said Gregory Lackey, Programmed, ACT Social Inclusion Manager.

On top of the generous amount donated from Programmed and Access Recycling Services, Melissa Hay, CEO of Hypdup Constructions, kindly donated another one and a half thousand dollars to bring the total to nine thousand dollars.

“It’s all about supporting the Ronald McDonald Charity vision of helping families have safe and secure accommodations and homestays at their most difficult times. What great teamwork to make a difference together.”

Melissa Hay, CEO Hypdup Constructions.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

A total of nine thousand dollars was presented to Michelle McCormack, GAICD, Executive Officer, Ronald McDonald House Charities.

“We appreciate the generous contribution from Programmed, Hypdup Constructions and Access Recycling Services. This will go a long way in enhancing our service to those in need,” said Michelle McCormack, Executive Officer at Ronald Mcdonald House Charities ACT & Southeast NSW.

A terrific effort by all involved for a fantastic cause. Ronald McDonald House Charities is an independent charity that relies on the work of our volunteers and the financial support of individual and corporate donations.

To find out how to can help and make a difference click here for more information

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