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Making A Difference Together
The Programmed Social Inclusion Team, in collaboration with our vendor partner, Hypdup Constructions, made a generous donation to Ronald McDonald... More
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New Zealand Labour Market Insights: April – June, 2024
11 July 2024
Continuing weakness in the domestic economy has seen the predictable labour market response, with fewer vacancies, slower jobs growth and... More
The benefits of partnering with Programmed for your recruitment needs
3 July 2024
In today’s fast-paced environment, having the right team in place is essential for success. More
Embracing Digital Transformation with Programmed’s GO App
21 June 2024
At Programmed, our mission is to deliver real-world efficiencies, increased productivity, and streamlined operations. Technology plays a crucial role in... More
The Real Cost of Recruiting: Why Engaging a Recruitment Agency is a Smart Business Move
11 June 2024
Recruiting new talent is a fundamental aspect of business growth and development. More
New Zealand Budget Summary, 2024-25
31 May 2024
The first Budget of Finance Minister Nicola Willis has foreshadowed a period of severely constrained economic activity and higher unemployment. More
Understanding Skill Shortages in New Zealand: An Overview
28 May 2024
New Zealand's labour market continues to slow as economic conditions weaken. More
New Zealand Labour Market Insights: January – March, 2024
7 May 2024
The weakness in the New Zealand economy has become fully apparent with confirmation that the country experienced a recession. More
Programmed Quarterly Labour Market Insights – New Zealand, Q4 2023
31 January 2024
New Zealand's economy has slipped into negative territory in the latest GDP figures, while a statistical revision shows the economy... More
Programmed’s 2023-24 Salary Guide: Your Job Search Blueprint
30 January 2024
Programmed’s 2023-24 Economic and Employment Key Insights and Salary Guide is your job-seeking compass, guiding you through the intricate... More